SORT SOL short fiction | GER 2018 | dffb | 30´ 

Once upon a time ... in the year of 2083: Nate lives in an efficient but dreary future in which people have become nothing more than work machines for Cormick Inc. Mysterious calls pull Nate out of his comfort zone and start haunting him. As he, bit by bit, is cast out of society, his frightening visions take over and bring him back to a world he has forgotten.


Arno Frisch, Wera Bunge, Jacqueline Macaulay and Lobine

written, edited & directed by Rico Mahel | producer: Jana Kreissl | cinematographer: Jakob Krüger | production design: Hannah Bender, Stephanie Traut | costume design: Johanna Schraut | makeup artist: Anne Wenzel | 1st assistant director: Magdalena Kugler | unit manager: Marvin Pulter | gaffer: Paul Näther, Constantin Campean | 1st AC: Selma von Polheim Gravesen | 2nd AC: Raphael Howein | colorist: Christian Kröhl | animal trainer: Miguel de la Torre


24. Riga International Short Film Festival, 2020

25. Caminhos do Cinema Português, PT, 2019

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